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UN-BUILT: 2008 International architecture research events
The un-built has been historically associated with the so-called utopian or visionary architectural projects and with the operation of drawing or architecture writing as a critical tool. The 2008 international programme is a collaboration of SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture for All) with the ATHENS BYZANTINE AND CHRISTIAN MUSEUM; it will run for the whole year in the form of small-scale exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences and other events that will investigate the theme of the 'un-built' in a multidisciplinary context.

Following an international call, 60 events proposals were selected among the 100 submitted; they address aspects of the un-built, historical and contemporary, in a variety of ways. The events have been grouped together under broader themes. Each theme corresponds to a month as follows:

Building Economies May 2008
Body/Psyche June 2008
Un-built City July 2008
Sound/Silence-Theology September 2008
Art October 2008
Publics November 2008
Genealogies December 2008

Participants are from organizations around the world, including Princeton University, Columbia University, Harvard University, University of London, University of Brighton, Greenwich University, Architectural Association, American Dance Therapy Association, Dublin National College of Art and Design, University College of Cork, Izmir University, University of Westminster, Goldsmith’s College London, Parsons New School NY, and the Architectural Schools of seven Greek Universities. Sponsors of the events include: The Athens Byzantine & Christian Museum, the Isidora and Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre (Greece) Parsons New School NY, and the UK Economic and Social Research Council ESRC (part of their Space of Democracy Networks programme).

Visit the unbuilt website to get information on the progamme
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