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The changing nature of the city in the 21st century and the phenomena of immigration and social exclusion are the subjects of the programme Polis 21. The project develops over an opening event in London at the “This is not a gateway festival’ http://thisisnotagateway.squarespace.com/festival-about/ and three symposia in Athens, Zagreb and Belgrade.

The recent exponential increase in the presence and visibility of migrants in Athens is the focus of the Polis 21-Athens organized as a collaboration of SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture for All) with the European Alternatives www.euroalter.com and the Nomadic Architecture Network www.nomadikiarxitektoniki.net

Events of Polis 21 in Athens include a Salon discussion at the Futura editions space in Metaxourgio (17/10/09, at 11.00), a workshop and exhibition at the Monastiraki square (6/11/09, at 15.30) and the symposium “Between Philoxenia and Xenophobia” at the Byzantine and Christian Museum (7/11/09, at 10.00).

More information on the Polis 21-Athens and the symposium programme at http://www.sarcha-architecture.blogspot.com/

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