Polypolis_Roma (Pigneto area)
Polypolis_Roma (Pigneto area)
A SARCHA working team was formed following an open call (see proposed projects section) and undertook the design of the Polypolis_Roma (Pigneto area) version for the game. The team focused on preparatory work in Greece November 29 - December 10, 2011 and travelled to Rome December 13 - 17, 2011 to work in the ROMA Tre School of architecture http://www.architettura.uniroma3.it/indice.html ; its task was to select a city block in the Pigneto area, map its resources, design the Roma game board and organize a public playing of the game. The project is included in the Urban Transcripts 2011 “Rome accidental city: international workshop on the city”. SARCHA, a guest participant in the workshop, organizes the ‘Polypolis Hour’ with the help of the workshop (Unit 4) tutors Fabiano Micocci and Carlotta Fioretti (see info on pp. 29, 30, workshop programme http://news.urbantranscripts.org ). In the context of Polypolis _Roma, SARCHA will organize the following three events which are held under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in Rome and are all open and free to public:
1. The Polypolis Hour
13-16/12, 14.00-15.00, Roma Tre DIPSU, Via della Madonna dei Monti, 40- Metro Cavour
For an hour every day, SARCHA will engage, in practical tasks and discussions, all those interested to finalize the content of the Rome version of the game. The aim is to train the players to perform a public playing of the game
2. The Polypolis_Roma public playing
17/12, 13.40-14.00 Roma Tre Mattatoio, Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi, 10-Metro Piramide
A public playing of the Roma (Pigneto) version of the Polypolis social game will take place during the Urban Transcripts conference. The aim is to address the current city issues concerning the Pigneto area (the inhabitants and their activities, the buildings and unbuit areas and the microclimate conditions of the area) in a collective and playful yet effective mode.
3. The Polypolis Talk
14/12, 18.30-19.30, Roma Tre DIPSU, Via della Madonna dei Monti, 40- Metro Cavour
The talk includes two short presentations of the Gerani area in Athens and the Pigneto area in Rome; two city areas in two different countries in which the presence of immigrants had a catalytic impact, albeit of a different kind in each one. The discussion to follow will draw on the comparison of the two cases and examine the current potential of inhabitants to decide and act in common.

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Polypolis_Roma working team: Dr Maria Theodorou architect, Lina Liakou architect/urban designer, Petros Tsitnidis architect/environmental engineering, Ioanna Pothou architect/ urban designer, Elena Chantzis architecture student, Clelia Thermou architect/urban designer, Marios Moros architecture student, Panayiota Theofilatou architect MSc, Veta Gerliotou architect, Constantinos Miltiadis architecture student, Demetris Shammas architect, Sappho Haralambous, policies for development -ex IFAD-UN
Clarification A SARCHA working team welcomes people of all ages and background knowledge that join forces to work together on a specific project under the guidance of SARCHA’s advisory board and honorary committee http://www.sarcha.gr/About.aspx. Please note that the Polypolis_Roma is not a commissioned project and no payment fee is provided to the working team.
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